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Pedal Away Parkinson's

Pedal Away Parkinson’s began in 2006 as a way to honor all the Brothers, Sisters, Mothers, Fathers, and Grandparents, Friends, and Neighbors with Parkinson’s disease (PD).  Their stories remind us all to cherish, love, and remain resilient with the help and support of family and friends.  Here’s your chance to develop that support system for yourself and others.  Share your trials, triumphs, and stories with other caring, helpful, and loving people as we use exercise to slow the progress of PD and improve overall health and mental wellness.  Join us this year for our first ever Virtual Pedal Away Parkinson’s event!

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Pedal AWay Parkinsons 2020

Whether you Bike, Hike, or Swim together we can do this

We are thrilled to adapt this years Pedal Away Parkinson’s event into a virtual one. Why you ask? Because a virtual event can include people of any age, gender, or background from any location to participate in a long-term event that helps people make changes to their exercise plans, leading to the long-term benefits of improved health and mental wellness while slowing the progress of PD. It’s like having a rejuvenation party with your friends and loved ones for 5 whole months!  

The aim of this year’s event is to add the collective miles and minutes of exercise documented by each participants (like you!) and apply the combined effort towards our long term goal of completing 3,100 miles of the Continental Divide Trail (CDT). This is possible thanks to the generous help of the Continental Divide Trail Coalition (CDTC) who has provided virtual maps for us to travel on and learn from and Tazworks for kindly donating the time to publish it to the MWPI website. Regular webpage check-ins will provide you with updated information about the history and geography of each region of the CDT we virtually arrive in. You can use the interactive map to find additional information about the area along the CDT as we progress through this event. 

Everyone’s goals are unique to them and deserve celebration. This event is an annual fundraiser to support the services provided to our PD community in the Mountain West region.  Additional donations go to MWPI to serve the PD community.  Contact with questions.

Registration Information

Your 2020 Virtual Pedal Away Parkinson’s $10 registration fee goes to MWPI to enhance existing services and create new ones in the PD community. You get an event T-shirt and opportunities to achieve individual and group goals that earn you rewards and prizes. There will be three chances to enter into a raffle drawing for great prizes. You will also be connected with other like-minded people to engage, laugh, and learn with. 

Tracking your mileage

As an event participant, any exercise of any type needs to be documented as miles or minutes using the link to the left. You can document any type of daily exercise as minutes or miles, including walking to your mailbox or pedaling up a canyon! You can enter more than one exercise event per day by clicking on the button to the right and creating a new entry each time, or you can collectivize your daily totals at the end of the day into just one entry – the choice is yours! At the end of each week, totals will be tallied and results will be published on the progress map located at the bottom of this page. There will also be opportunities for support groups to compete with each other (in the friendliest of ways, of course) to achieve group goals. Regardless if you are doing this individually or as a group, help us achieve our 3,100 mile goal by December 30, 2020 and get tracking!

Converting Minutes to Miles

Sharing your story

Your life may seem ordinary to you but can be extraordinary to others. By sharing your story, you practice courage and help others muster their own to keep going. Sharing success stories will inspire others and will help you get the celebration and support that you need to keep moving! Click on the button below and tell us about your experiences while participating in the 2020 VPAP event.  We cannot wait to hear your story!


Measuring your goals

Setting goals can help you direct your energy toward successfully accomplishing your desired result and setting them with groups can help you achieve more than you would separately. You are encouraged to set your SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely) goals relative to the Virtual Pedal Away Parkinson’s (VPAP) event using this link to receive feedback and be paired with others who share the same goals as you. Let’s work together to help make you triumphant!

MWPI Donations

Providing necessary service to the PD community is possible because of your support. Our community partnership helps interconnect people with PD, provide technology training to folks in our new virtual world, provides educational opportunities, and creates programming to get people active and involved. Your donation will help bring people together.  Every dollar makes a difference so please give now by clicking here.

CDTC Donations

By financially supporting CDTC, you’ll help us complete, promote and protect the CDT. Your donation supports activities from providing meals to volunteers working on the Trail to helping us effectively advocate for the Trail and its protection with Congress! For more information about the trail, our organization or how to get involved, please visit our website or email us at

PAP 2020 Honorees

We would like highlight our VPAP 2020 co-honorees Brad Andes of Bountiful, Utah and Robin White or Rock Springs, Wyoming.  As siblings, Brad is the oldest and was diagnosed with PD in 2008.  Robin was diagnosed the following year.  As their PD progresses, they have been able to support each other like only a Brother and Sister can. 

Brad is the author of the published book “Dopamine”.  They both distribute the book for free to the PD community.  Believing that exercise can slow the progress of PD, they have also both donated exercise mats to every Davis County Support Group member in honor of their Father, Bob Andes who passed away in early 2020.

Brad and Robin’s efforts continue to raise awareness of the disease in the community and enrich the lives of those who are dealing with PD directly.  Together, they are making a difference.

Help us reach our goal to complete the CDTC by December 30, 2020

A special thanks to our partners at CDTC Explore more with the Interactive CDTC Trail Map